Friday, January 27, 2012

Type of Libraries - a wrap up


As a wrap up for the week, we read and heard lots about Librarians and our roles within libraries and other cultural institutions, particularly how librarians deal with technology.

I thought you might enjoy watching these four short YouTube videos about librarians and IT professionals. You can watch the first three in any order. Save the fourth for last.


Personally, I use technology as a tool for my writing, my teaching, and more. I don’t really see myself as a techie, yet I have decades of experience. Where I see technology fitting into librarianship is my ability to use technology to find answers. By that I mean, I use databases and catalogues to find the information I seek. I am less interested in designing the databases and catalogues, their structure and how they work. But give me a database and I’ll figure out its method of madness, its order, arrangement, and access points. That’s the skill I’ve cultivated for print and digital reference tools. What about you?

And now for some comic relief: A cute video about books at play

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