Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Profession and its quirks

Week 5 – what’s on your minds?

I just took a quick peak at the discussion boards for this week. You’ll notice I posted some responses also, because I just had to chime in.  Here are the major themes of your queries this week; distance education and learning; continuing education and the LIS curriculum; technology; and the profession.

My response has to be that yes these are all serious issues to ruminate about, but don’t get stuck on the problems. There are many points of view in the profession. You can see it when you read Dr. Rubin and my comments. I’m certain they diverge, and will diverge from your other professors. The diversity is part of the beauty and challenge of this field, the smaller and broader aspects of the field.

As you continue to learn and apply what you learn, you’ll see that this is a never ending task. I learn from you every time I read a discussion thread and every time I tackle the readings. You will also learn from your colleagues, young and old, technologically challenged and experienced. Take advantage of the challenge to learn something new every day and you’ll flourish in this program and in the profession.

After re-reading this post, it seems a little thin. It must be my focus on next week's readings about user services by librarians. Get ready for more heady readings.

Okay, I’ll get off my soap box and go read reflective journals.

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