Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Librarians as Knowledge Workers

It should not come as a surprise that Librarians are Knowledge Workers. We help individuals find the information they seek. We provide assistance as others seek to increase their knowledge of a subject, be it a period in history, the species or name for a flower, or the definition of a word. Part of what we do is work with others to navigate the all too complex databases designed by librarians or companies. We listen to questions and research problems and help our customers or patrons or users (whatever name you select) to work out a research strategy that will help them obtain the information and knowledge they seek. As the knowledge seeker develops skills for ferreting out information, so the librarian or knowledge worker must learn about new resources and techniques. 

Paula Krebs in her post "Why You Should Talk to the Librarians" https://chroniclevitae.com/news/673-why-you-should-talk-to-the-librarians?cid=VTEVPMSED1 notes that librarians know the most recent sources in a subject area, along with current research strategies and resources. The librarian will share his/her knowledge with researchers and students of all ages. All the researcher has to do is ask.

What's our job as librarians, archivists, and knowledge workers? To learn the new resources and reference tools, to be curious about subject areas we know little or nothing about, to discover new tools and learn how they work. Most of all, we need to follow one of our profession's matra, "to know a little bit about everything." After all, for knowledge workers, information scientists, librarians and archivists, it's less important that we KNOW something, than that we know WHERE to look for the information.

So go off and learn something new today. See where you quest for knowledge takes you. Enjoy the journey.

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