Tuesday, November 17, 2015

So you are thinking about a job...

Many of you are starting to think about jobs in library and information science. Others are considering jobs in information science and associated fields. It's really important to build a network of colleagues and mentors who can help you find a position, write letters of recommendation, and introduce you to others.
  • Build a network. Think about your social media persona. Lock down your Facebook page and flesh out LinkedIn. Build a positive, work oriented social media presence on all social media sites. 
  • Look at job ads. What skills are prospective employers looking for? What skills can you emphasize? What do you need to learn?
  • Get some practical, hands-on experience at a cultural institution. Build a positive working relationship with your colleagues and supervisors. Think about this position as an entry into the profession. 
  • Brush up your writing skills. Write reviews, memos, letters, articles. Polish your spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and writing skills. 
  • Read widely. Read the newspaper or news feeds. Read reviews of current fiction, non-fiction, literature, current events. Read a few books. Haunt the bookstores looking at flyleaves and blurbs.
See what types of jobs are available through LAC Group https://lac-group.com/ and sign up for their blog.
​Follow HLS (Hack Library School) http://www.hacklibraryschool.com to see what other students on the east coast are talking about in terms of jobs and careers.

Attend local meetings for Georgia archivists, librarians, paraprofessionals, special librarians. See if there's a local or regional ASIS&T or SLA group. Attend their meetings. Talk about your job, your career, and ask them about jobs and career advice.
Schedule some informational interviews asking other professionals for their advice.

Librarianship is all about networking. Talk to people and see what's out there. Don't be afraid to look outside traditional librarianship for jobs.

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